About Us

Hi there! My name is Carrie and I am the founder and owner of Emerrie – the place to find hand-selected and handmade jewelry on the web. For me, my life’s journey has been quite the experience. In just a few years, I went from a student, to quitting a job I held for 7-years thereafter in order to travel and see Turkey – to now the owner of my very own jewelry store.

You see, it all began back in 2018. After leaving my job, I decided to travel the world. I ended up visiting Turkey, and that experience changed my life. I found myself slowly, but surely falling in love with arts and culture. The world around me was intriguing, inspiring, and encouraging, and there was so much material for me to absorb. I was increasingly interested in the art of jewelry making, and I continued to use the beautiful arts and cultural accomplishments found in Turkey to guide my creativity.

In 2019, I launched Emerrie – and it has certainly been a journey ever since. I began by selling hand-selected pieces of jewelry that I really loved and appreciated. However, I knew I had more to offer. I began experimenting with my own designs and styles, and started to bring these unique jewelry pieces to life. 

In 2020, I was spending time in Turkey to pursue some business opportunities when I decided to make a shift. I brought my creative passions full-circle and attended jewelry school in Istanbul. From there, I began to perfect my own designs and styles, and started selling them through Emerrie. 

Today, Emerrie is your one-stop shop for finding handmade jewelry pieces designed and produced by a humble artist based in San Francisco. For me, nothing is more important than creating unique and intriguing styles that play off of the very same features of Turkish culture that I am inspired by. From the arts to our cultural traditions, my experience in Turkey and its wonderful community of artists have helped to influence my perspective here in San Francisco. I take inspiration from these experiences to further develop my business and my passion.  

In 2021, we plan to continue to share the arts and culture that have inspired us to create our handmade jewelry pieces. We want to continue to bring our brand to life, and ensure that jewelry lovers from all around the world have a place to browse, shop, and feel inspired by the world around them – just like I was in my early days of forming Emerrie. 

If you have a question about Emerrie, my journey, or our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. I would be happy to provide you with some more information.

Until then, head over to our shop and browse our beautiful handmade jewelry pieces.