• The Pearl is Back: 2021 Jewelry Trends

    The Pearl is Back: 2021 Jewelry Trends
    Pearls are resurfacing with a fashion revival that is long overdue. Personally, I’m obsessed with pearls as a substitute for (and complement to!) shimmery gemstones.

    A classy string of pearls has long been a symbol of feminine power and elegance reserved for retro red carpets, conservative political styling, and the royal family. Now Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Harry Styles, Bella Hadid, and so many others are bringing pearls back to life in mainstream fashion.
    Looking for tips on how to style this timeless trend with a contemporary twist? Let’s dive in!
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  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    Layered with chains, spaced with stones, or mixed with another gemstone… there’s no wrong way to wear pearls with this year. Pearls are one of the most versatile gems, and there’s no reason that they have to stay on their own separate chain.

    Drop a comment below and let me know what pearl styling trend you’re most excited to wear this year! You can find more designs on Instagram @emerriejewels and shop these handmade pearl pieces at

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  • Go for Gold

    Go for Gold

    Most pearls naturally have warm undertones that pair beautifully with yellow gold – another 2021 trend that I’m obsessed with! Adding a complementary metal will bring out the pearl’s natural rosy, cream, or champagne sheen.

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  • Let It Drop

    Let It Drop

    Drop earrings and pendant pearls are here to stay. I love to add depth and a breezy sense of motion with suspended pearls on hook earrings and chain necklaces.

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  • Shine A Spotlight

    Shine A Spotlight

    This year, jewelry demands a focal point. Draw the eye in with one or two large pearls that stand out on their own and capture attention.

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